The NCSDC was formed in 1972. Many of the founders are still active in club
activities. We try to have at least one meet per month; usually at some
historical site or place of interest within the state. Some examples: The NC
Transportation Museum in Spencer NC, Jackie Bost meet in Mt Plesant, and
our largest meet of the year The Tri-State Meet in picturesque Asheville, NC.
in the fall when the leaves begin to turn.
The TarHeel Wheel is the official publication of the North Carolina Chapter,
Studebaker Drivers Club. All articles and original images are property of
NCSDC and can be reprinted/borrowed for non-profit use only and only if
proper credit is given to NCSDC. For permission contact:
Our newsletter "The Tarheel Wheel" is published bi-monthly, and includes
meet announcements, meet reports (including photos), classifieds, and
technical tips. The Dues are $15 per year and Membership in the National
SDC is required (bylaws). You need not have a Studebaker to join, only an
interest in these fine Automobiles. Our club is quite active and we have great
turnouts at our meets. The weather and general road conditions throughout
our state make driving a Studebaker possible nearly year-round
Club History