NCSDC Application
Mike O'Connor reported that longtime NCSDC member Jerry
Groundy had died in May. He died from diabetes complications.
News from the Turning Wheel Editor:

Happy New Year to this entire bunch!

Now that year end celebrations are winding down some of you
will be wondering where your Turning Wheels went.

The January issue will cover the Lancaster International Meet
and it's a BIG issue.

It will be late in arriving in your mailbox for several reasons:
1. editors attending Lancaster lost 3 weeks of work time (but it's
the only vacation we get)
2. Christmas season slows down not only mail delivery but
business schedules as well
3. A problem with the official meet photos took an inordinate
amount of time to correct

Don't be surprised if your January TW arrives 2 weeks later than
usual. We apologize for the unintended delay. Hopefully the
February issue will be back on its regular schedule (we're
working on it now).


Many of you have heard that I intend on moving sometime this
coming year. Well. you are correct, if I can get my pennies together
I will do so. This of course brings me to the question of what am I
going to do with all my parts. Well, I don't intend on going out of
business. However, i do have to scale down. Therefore, I am having
a huge sale of my parts at our February 21st meet here in Kinston.
We are to meet at Kings Bar-b-cue at 1100 to have lunch and then
caravan to my house after lunch . You can call ahead if you need a
particular item. Ted Banner (252) 522-1925.
Member James White at Lowes Motor Speedway Media Day 2009
New Feature **** News and Notes from members
Happy 1st Birthday to Richard “Coleman” Tucker whose birthday
will be February 28. Will he have to wait fours for the second
birthday?? Cole is the son of Rodney and Sarah Tucker and big
sister, Kylie.]

Freddie and Barbara Badgett are so excited that they will be
grandparents. Their first grandchild is expected in August. Their
son Adam and wife Dedra are the new parents-to-be.

On January 22, Brandy Padgett had another knee surgery and is
recovering at home. She was injured in a car accident this past

Ernie and Connie Padgett have a new great-granddaughter, born
January 29 –just before our Founder’s Day meet.

Barbara Badgett celebrated her 50th birthday on February 11.

Betty Sunding sent “hello’s” with her son to everyone at the
Founder’s Day meet.

From Ed Wingate – The North Wilkesboro’s Wilkes County
Cruisers will start having cruise-in’s again in May, 2009. They’re
always on the third Saturday of each month through October.
There are several Studebaker members who always cruise-in. Ed
invites you to join he and Catherine, the Larry Core’s, Glen
Grezendine and the Weldon Critcher’s from Boone. This sounds
like a great impromptu time to get together. For more information,
contact Ed Wingate at 336-927-3755.